Will you help to shut down this slaughterhouse for good?

Thanks to your generous donation, this facility will be shut down for good and the dogs in it will be rescued and rehomed into forever families. There, they will be loved and protected from the cruel dog meat trade.

Your kind donations will also help us campaign for improved animal welfare around the world. 

Today, help FOUR PAWS shut down this slaughterhouse for good


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We must stop the horrors of this Slaughterhouse, NOW!

Dog meat trade in Cambodia 

Three million dogs are slaughtered in Cambodia each year, even though dog meat is not a cultural or historic practice in this country. The number of dog meat restaurants is increasing and there are at least 100 of them in the capital city of Phnom Penh.  

There is no specific legislation banning this trade at a national level and it is fraught with criminality. The dog meat trade is largely supplied by dogs who were once part of a loving family, snatched, and trafficked for their meat.  

The most horrific slaughterhouse  
This slaughterhouse in Skun is by far the worst place our team has ever seen. FOUR PAWS estimates that one million dogs have been killed in this slaughterhouse since its opening in 1995.  

At peak times, up to 200 dogs a day, puppies included, are subject to a slow death in one of its drowning tanks.  Cages of dogs are lowered in the dirty water and left until the cage is pulled up again. Motionless bodies lie inside.  

Today, you can help these dogs 

But there is hope. We are trying to close down this slaughterhouse, but we can’t do it without you. Will you join our mission and save thousands, if not millions of dogs from this cruel destiny?  

Your support today will help us shut down this place of horrors:

  • A £15 gift today will  help to feed a dog rescued from this horrible facility for a week
  • A £30 donation today will contribute towards providing urgent veterinary care to a rescued dog.
  • A £50 gift today will help to transfer the dogs currently living in the facility to our partner charity, Animal Rescue Cambodia. 
  • A generous £150 gift will help to cover one month of sheltering post-rescue.
  •  A regular donation of just £10 will continuously help us stop the terrifying dog and cat meat trade, support legislation measures in Southeast Asia and will help to support the rescue and recovery of the animals rescued from this facility.

On behalf of the animals, the FOUR PAWS team would like to thank you!

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