Today, can you help us put and end to mulesing?

Your gift will help us get even closer to ending this cruel bestial procedure called mulesing. Thanks to your compassion we can ensure these lambs can run free without worry.

Your kind donations will also help us campaign for improved animal welfare around the world. 

Today, can you help us put and end to mulesing?


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Help us stop this cruel practice, we must put an end to mulesing

A bestial practice called mulesing 

For over 100 years, Merino sheep have been poorly bred to have more and more wrinkles, due to a misconception that more wrinkles bring more wool. However, the combination of the Australian humid climate and sheep with many wrinkles – where moisture is retained-makes the average Australian Merino sheep highly vulnerable to parasites. In the 1920s, in response to regular outbreaks of flystrike in Australia, John Mules developed a quick and cheap but cruel technique – mulesing.

Mulesing is the process where lambs, just 6-12 weeks old, are restrained on their backs, while strips of skin are cut away from their backside. Mulesing causes lambs excruciating pain, fear, and stress, and it's currently still legal to carry out this procedure without any form of pain relief.

Putting an end to this cruel practice:

Four Paws' campaigning work to stop this painful practice has already yielded some results and we’re already starting to see an increasing number of brands committing to go mulesing-free. Next, Puma and Burberry to name a few.

Marks & Spencers, after learning about our brand ranking through several discussions with FOUR PAWS, have recently signed up to the Responsible Wool Standard and now only accept wool from non-mulesed sheep. And, we’re now in positive discussions with John Lewis and Superdry too.

However, this is just a drop in the ocean. The work to end this painful practice is far from coming to an end it is up to us to end this cruel practice and we cannot do this without your generous help. 

Together we can put an end to this cruel practice

Your generous help today will help us get even closer to putting an end to this painful practice.

With your gift today we can:

  • Ensure more brands commit to mulesing-free wool as have brands such as Next, Puma, and Burberry,
  • Continue ranking brands to expose their cruel supply chains and educate retailers on how they can do better
  • Sign up more brands to the Responsible Wool Standard to follow brands such as Marks & Spencer’s

Every penny helps,

On behalf of the animals, the FOUR PAWS team would like to thank you!

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