Your gift will help keep emergency rescue teams ready for when they are needed the most.

Thanks to your support, we have saved 36 bears from captivity in Vietnam and have provided them with homes for life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Your continued support will help us work towards a world where bears are treated with respect and campaign for improved animal welfare around the world. Thank you.

Your gift will help keep emergency rescue teams ready for when they are needed the most.


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We’d love to keep you updated on the animals you’ve rescued and how you can get involved with future fundraising appeals, campaigns and events. events. Please let us know how you’d like to hear from us:

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We rely on supporters like you to help us respond rapidly to bears in urgent need

Freddie the bear was found stuffed inside a metal cage in the back of a taxi - barely big enough to hold him. Frightened and struggling to breathe. If our rescue teams didn’t act fast, he may not have survived. Please donate today and help keep emergency rescue teams ready for when they are needed the most.

Your help will provide the tools to rescue more vulnerable bears like Freddie:

  • £10 could help provide emergency transport so we can act FAST
  • £25 could help fund the lifesaving medical supplies we need to act FAST.
  • £50 could help pay for the care that bears like Freddie deserve at our bear sanctuary in Northern Vietnam.

When we hear about bears like Freddie in urgent need, there isn’t a moment to lose. We have to act fast. Your support could help to provide the emergency transport we need to make a rescue, provide lifesaving medical supplies for on the spot veterinary treatment and the rehabilitation that bears like Freddie deserve, in a safe, happy home at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh.

Please donate today and help us be there when they need us the most.

Our first responders on the scene found Freddie in a critical condition; severely dehydrated, and frantically trying to escape his cage. It’s likely that Freddie was being trafficked, and on his way to being sold illegally for his bile – a highly coveted traditional medicine which is believed to have healing properties.

With your support, we can act fast and rescue more bears like Freddie from the hands of their captors - giving them a chance to be a bear again and enjoy a fruitful life at our sanctuary in Northern Vietnam.

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