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Will you help us rescue more big cats like Ivan-Asen?

Ivan-Asen was in very bad shape when we first arrived at Razgrad Zoo in November 2017. Fortunately, the lion responded well to the treatment he received after his rescue during his temporary stay at Sofia Zoo. During this time, our animal animal caretaker crate-trained Ivan-Asen on-site, with the result that he voluntarily went into his transport box. Therefore, risky anaesthesia for the already weakened lion could be avoided. Dr. Marc Gölkel from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) was present during the entire transfer to examine and observe the three-year-old lion and attest to his ability to travel.

The transfer of Ivan-Asen follows that of the lion siblings Masoud and Terez, whom FOUR PAWS already brought to FELIDA in March 2018. With Ivan-Asen arriving at the Dutch Big Cat Centre, the lions, who come from the same family, are reunited.


Since then...

Recently we've been keeping a close eye on Ivan-Asen, but at the moment the signs are promising that he is coping well.

Following his skin biopsy results, we are thankful the results showed no bacterial, viral or allergy related problems. But we suspect that Ivan has a problem with his immune system which can lead to problems with his skin and other organs; recent check-up showed that his kidneys have deteriorated a little.

We now provide Ivan with medication to help him with his physical problems and this works out well. Ivan will always need intensive care and sadly may have moments that his immune system will cause him some discomfort. But for now, the spots on his skin are healing and his behaviour is demonstrating that he feels better as he is becoming more active and playing with his neighbors Masoud and Terez again.



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