Your gift will help keep emergency rescue teams ready for when they are needed the most.

Thanks to your support, we have saved 36 bears from captivity in Vietnam and have provided them with homes for life at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. Your continued support will help us work towards a world where bears are treated with respect and campaign for improved animal welfare around the world.

Thank you.


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Your donations help us rescue bears in urgent need

Vulnerable and just a few months old, Mochi was nothing more to her kidnappers than a commodity to be sold.

Bears like Mochi are illegally taken from the wild or bred in captivity for their bile, which is then used in some traditional medicines. A process that’s unbearable for young cubs like Mochi.

Whilst in the hands of their captors, bears are kept in appalling conditions – battered and broken, stuffed in tiny cages with no sunlight. The bears often have no access to fresh water, are provided completely inadequate food and do not get any veterinary care. And this all before they undergo the excruciating process of bile extraction.

Your support will help us rescue more bears in need – before it’s too late:

• £10 could help provide the emergency transport we need to rescue bears like Mochi 

• £25 today could pay for the special type of milk rescued cubs like Mochi need to be fed for up to 6 times per day 

• £50 could help pay for the safe, happy homes bears like Mochi deserve at our bear sanctuaries. 

She was hours away from being sold to a bile farm. It would have locked her into a life of torture after torture - regularly suffering a bile extraction process that is excruciating for any bear handle. 

The gallbladder is localised by ultrasound and punctured with a needle through the abdominal wall. The anaesthetic is often administered unprofessionally or is too weak, subjecting bears to incredible pain. 

When we hear about bears like Mochi in urgent need, there isn’t a moment to lose. We have to rescue them from their fate. Your support could help to provide the emergency transport we need to make a rescue, provide lifesaving medical supplies for on the spot veterinary treatment and the rehabilitation that bears like Mochi deserve, in a safe, happy home at our BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh. 

Please donate today and help us be there when they need us the most.

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